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What is Animal Communication?

Many people who live with animals can tell a lot about what’s going on simply by observing their behaviour over time, but animal communication is more than reading body language. Animal communication is a two-way telepathic and intuitive conversation. This involves making a telepathic connection with the animal either in person, or at a distance with the use of a photograph of the animal. The information an animal conveys can come in the form of feelings, thoughts, sensations, images and pure knowing. Telepathy is activated by thought forms, every thought we have has an energetic charge. The stronger the emotion that generates a thought, the more energy it will carry and the easier it is to pick up, animals are adept at tuning in to these thoughts.

Animal communication is natural, everyone can talk with animals it's just that most of us have simply forgotten how. While for many western cultures the concept of communicating with animals, although popular, can be seen as an unusual phenomenon, in many other cultures it has been experienced as a normal part of life. Hundreds of years ago the Mayans, Romani Gypsies and the American Indians among others, regularly communicated with animals and many cultures still do today. Luckily for us, with the arrival of animal communication into mainstream culture through books, television and the internet, it is finally becoming understandable as normal, helping to raise awareness to the fact that animals can and do communicate with us.

One important thing to understand with telepathic communication with animals is that they have their own free will just like we do. While communicating with them can result in immediate or gradual changes, animals don't always do something just because we ask them to or as quickly as we might like them to. So please remember that while communicating with them is essential, it may take time, love, patience and work on your part before you see a positive change. That being said, most animals have a very deep desire to communicate and are looking forward to discussing numerous topics that they have been waiting to share and I haven't met an animal yet that didn't want to communicate.

While there are many communicators that have a gift, I don't believe myself to be gifted, I have spent years of hard work and studying to get to the point to be able to communicate telepathically with animals and it is something I take great pride in. I don't do "readings", instead I have the great honour of being a translator for you and your animal, to allow you to converse with each other, to help you share your lives together with love and mutual respect.


What are the benefits of Animal Communication?

Animal communication can be used for physical, emotional or spiritual issues. Much like with therapy for humans it's a case of asking the animal how they feel and why they are acting a certain way and coming to an understanding. I believe communicating with your animal is the best gift you can give them and has many wonderful benefits, not limited to those listed below:

  • Find out what's happening from your pet's point of view and why behaviour problems may have developed all of a sudden.

  • Introducing new animals to the household.

  • Terminal illness/end of life care: enabling you to listen to their wishes for how and when their journey here on earth should end.

  • To ask your pet where it hurts and to explain any treatment they are receiving, what makes them the most comfortable or is working the best.

  • General check-in: For when you want to know how your pet is feeling and what can make them happiest.

  • Deepening your relationship with your animal and understanding your purpose together.

  • You would like to communicate with your animal in spirit after they have passed.

  • When you have to board your animal, or when someone else will be looking after them.

  • When you are  experiencing a big life change, like moving or getting a new job.

What to expect

Distant communication with animals is achieved by connecting with them telepathically by looking at a photo of them. I only ask for their name, age, gender and how long they have lived with you. I connect with the animal before the session (free of charge) to introduce myself and help things flow more easily during the session. I offer sessions either offline by email, where I connect with the animal and then send you a transcript of the conversation afterwards. Or I do it live and we have a 3 way conversation so you can hear the answers in real time from your animal. 

An offline communication is charged per animal and consists of you sending me any questions you have for your animal and me connecting with them and later emailing you a transcript of our conversation. Offline sessions are particularly useful in cases of simple issues, for example when you are going away or getting a new animal and would like this communicated to your animal or if you have any messages or general questions for your animal. I do not recommend offline sessions for serious behaviour issues because they can require a lot of discussion with your animal and live sessions are better for this. However an offline communication is a wonderful choice for animals in spirit and can provide amazing insights and bring great peace and comfort

Live communications are done via messenger (Facebook, google hangouts, WhatsApp, Telegram) and are charged by time rather than by animal, allowing you to speak to more than one animal at a time (up to 5 for a 1 hour session). We arrange a time that suits us both and I connect with your animal in real time and hold a 3 way conversation between myself, you and your animal. Allowing me to act as translator for you both, you and your animal can have a conversation and discuss any issues you have and I will relay your answers and questions to each other. This is the method that most people choose as it allows them to discuss important issues with their animal and come to a compromise that hopefully suits everyone.


Make the most of your session!

To help keep the information flowing during a live session I recommend that you prepare a list of items you would like to discuss and have that available for reference during the session. 

I do not track lost animals. I'm very sorry but tracking lost animals is extremely time consuming and honestly a heart breaking experience.

 Please have an open mind and heart to hear what your animal has to say.

 I am not a vet, so I cannot diagnose physical ailments. What I can do is tell you how animals are feeling and locate general areas of discomfort.

 IMPORTANT! Communications can only be given to the owner or care giver of the animal, please do not ask for a communication if you are not the guardian of the animal.

 The amount of sessions needed depends on the animal and how serious the issue is but I have seen behavioural and physiological issues solved in just one session.

 Telepathy knows no space or time so I am able to connect with animals from all over the world.

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