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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is by no means a New Age healing modality, in fact the use of crystals for healing dates back to at least 25,000 BC. The Chinese, Japanese , the Aztecs, the Tibetans and the Aborigines of Australia all used crystals, many of these cultures had, and still have highly evolved systems of healing involving crystals. Thankfully this modality of healing has become somewhat commonplace in today’s modern society, it is well known that quartz crystals have been used to power watches for many years. It’s the same kind of idea – different crystals and stones have their own energy and vibration that can be helpful for all kinds of things, including healing.

Animals often seem to have a conscious affinity with crystals and will sometimes seek them out themselves when they need them, they appear to sense the energy from the crystals more acutely than humans do. Crystal therapy affects the whole energy field of animals, it is an energy healing therapy that works with an animal's subtle energy field to help address physical, emotional and mental problems. Crystals have a fixed energetic vibration that can beneficially influence the subtle energies of the body and soul, including auras, chakras, and energy meridians. Crystals can be incorporated to balance the chakras or to address specific ailments or issues.

What are Chakras?
Animals have 8 major Chakras, each chakra vibrates to a high frequency and is a different colour relating to specific areas of the body. When a chakra is in balance, energy flows freely. When it is im-balanced, energy can not flow properly, and the animal's emotional or physical health will suffer. Several of the therapies I offer work on the chakras, and crystals too can be used to rebalance the chakra system to allow the bodies natural flow of energy to return, and in turn bring the animal back to optimal health.

What is a Crystal Grid?
A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape that focuses the Universal Life Force in a particular way for a particular purpose. While a single crystal can be a potent energy source for many purposes, combining the power and energy of multiple crystals into a grid is an easier and more effective way of utilising each crystals powerful energy in a more focused and enhanced way with much quicker results. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing crystals, sacred geometry and intention.

What is a Reiki Crystal Box?

A Reiki box is a real box usually made of wood and decorated with the traditional Reiki symbols. I place photos of the animals I want to send Reiki energy to with whatever issue they need help with written on the back.  I add extra healing energy by adding crystals to the box as well, this makes my Reiki box a wonderful way for your animal to receive daily Reiki and crystal healing energy. Check out the photos in "MY WORK" for some examples what my Reiki crystal box looks like.

What are the benefits of Crystal Healing?

The benefits of crystal healing are enormous, crystals and stones can help heal and protect animals from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual illnesses, including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety, fear and aggression

  • Hormonal and compulsive behavioural issues

  • Respiratory, circulatory, and digestive conditions

  • Wounds, inflammation, and arthritis

  • Surgery, injury and illness

What to expect

Crystal Grid
Once your purchase is made and I have your animal's information, I  will then set up a grid specifically for them in my sacred space. Using sacred geometry and mandalas the grid will be made incorporating powerful stones and crystals which will be selected for the greatest energetic effect according to your animal's needs. I will send you a photo of the layout along with an explanation of the crystals used and any advice or recommendations I have for you. Your crystal grid will remain in place and maintained by me for 7 days. The grid will be charged with Reiki daily during this time. This service can be extended beyond the week for an additional fee. Please note, you will not be receiving a crystal grid by mail.

Crystal Healing Session
When I do healings I have a photo of your animal printed out (this helps me maintain my connection with them), and I write their name and issue down on a piece of paper that stays under my Clear Quartz crystal. When I start the session I ask that your animal's higher self, spirit guides, and angels assist me in the healing. From there I use my pendulum over each of the chakra colours to check if your animal's chakras are in balance or not. Based on the swing of the pendulum it will give me the answers I need. Depending on what I find out about each chakra, I will then use the white quartz and Amethyst wand to remove any negative energy or imbalances from your animal's energy system, and then replace it with positive energy. I use a teddy (as a proxy, or representation of your animal) and I place the crystals on the chakras or in a layout around the body, depending on what I am intuitively drawn to do. I then proceed to send Reiki in the normal manner, I believe that Reiki and crystals go hand in hand and I always like to use Reiki energy during my crystal sessions. I will do this by laying the crystals out just as I would if the animal was with me in person. I intuitively select crystals for your animal that I will infuse with Reiki for the distance session. Each time I choose and place a crystal, I set a specific, focused intention for what I would like to accomplish for your animal. Upon finishing I will email you to let you know that the healing has been sent, I will give you a write up of any observations I made and provide you with a list of the crystals I used and a photo of the crystal layout I choose.
I have a large selection of very powerful crystals that I use for the distance sessions, working at a distance allows me choose elaborate layouts with some of the larger pieces that I wouldn't be able to use in person.

Crystal Reiki Box
When I work on a seven day Reiki request, I print out a photo of your animal with their details on the back, and place the photo and specially chosen crystals in the Reiki box for seven full days. Each day the box is opened and I give it Reiki, with the intention that the energy be sent to the animal in the photo for whatever condition or issue they are suffering, your animal receives this Reiki and crystal energy every day that their photo is in the box. To make the energy in the box even more powerful it has been painted with sacred Reiki symbol. I will send you a photo of the box along with an explanation of the crystals I have chosen and any advice or recommendations I have for you. After the seven days I can either remove your animal's photo from the box, so that they will no longer be receiving the healing energy, or for an additional fee I can extend their healing.



Make the most of your session!

You are not purchasing any crystals with this service.

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