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Animal communication courses reviews

Animal Communication for beginners course

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Animal Communication-Intermediate course

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Animal Communication-Animals and the afterlife course

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Finding lost animals using animal communication course

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Animal Communication 101 course

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Talking to animals about their behaviour course

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Animal Communication and energy healing testimonials

All the animals that I work with touch my heart, being a part of their lives even if just for one day is an honour that I am grateful for everyday. These are some of the animals I have had the pleasure of working with including some testimonials from their guardians and caretakers for my Animal Communication and Energy healing services.

Patty Moss Grandy

"I Wanted to share my experience with all of you regarding Claire's Animal Affinity. I've never met Claire in person and we are not friends on FB. She was recommended to me by someone I had just recently spoken to about adopting a dog and at the time I was not FB friends with this person either nor have I met her in person yet. I happened to mention that I just lost my beloved dog and that I'm still having a hard time accepting his passing and she suggested I reach out to Claire to see if she can help give me some peace. I am not a very religious person but I do believe in God and I am extremely spiritual so I was very open to the idea that Claire may be able to communicate with my beloved dog and when she did, it blew me away. Claire asked for minimal info on my furbaby, just some pictures of him alone, not with any family members or other pets, his name and how long he lived with us. The things she told me were 100% factual and I do not have any of this information posted on my FB page because I'm a very private person. And she even told me that my beloved furbaby said I would be getting another dog soon but I'd have to pick the dog who needs me the most so at first I was wondering if it would be another little dog who had medical issues like he did but it's not - it's a sweet 6 month old pup who would've been put down within 3 days if she was turned over to a shelter had I not taken her and she wasn't even the breed I was looking for but she's been with me 3 days so far and she already spoiled rotten and she's made it clear this is "her home" lol. Claire is a wonderful soul and I can't thank her enough for the messages she gave me from my beloved furbaby which has helped to heal my heart and allow me to open it to another furbaby in need of a forever home! I can't thank her enough!!!!"

Emma Hanby

"Claire is an incredible woman. I cannot express in words the sheer gratitude I feel towards her for all she has done for my dog Dottie and myself. Claire has moved us forward tirelessly with care and compassion with Dottie's emotional wellbeing being at the forefront, and rightly so. Claire has filled in the gaps I had with regards to Dottie's past and brought some issues to my attention that I was not aware of. I am sure that working together, all three of us will reach our destination of happiness for Dottie. I cannot thank you enough Claire for all you've done. Thank you for the communications, EFT, healing and showing my dog the same care you would for your own and for seeing Dottie as the wonderful being she is, Love and Light, Emma and Dottie xxxx"

Benny Before


Benny After

The Kennel Club

"Claire and Alfredo have very kindly been helping with some of the harder cases we encounter in animal rescue. They are always more than happy to give up their time and skills to help heal the broken hearts and souls that we often encounter in rescue dogs. Thanks to their hard work a number of dogs have been able to move on from their past and in to happy, loving homes. Thank you for all you do guys."
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