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What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing created and developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that identifies and removes trapped emotions from the body with the use of a powerful magnet. Trapped emotions are harmful emotional energies created by your animal during negative past events that become stuck in the body, and as a result start to cause all kinds of behavioural and physical problems. As animal lovers we all know that animals have feelings, they feel every emotion that we feel, and when a negative emotion is felt by them strongly enough, it can become trapped in their system the same way it does in ours. What many people don't realise is that some of the negative emotions your animal has experienced,  although they occurred a long time ago, can still be creating problems for your animal in subtle, but very damaging ways. The purpose of the Emotion Code is to find those damaging emotions and release them forever.

Trapped emotions are balls of energy that vibrate at the unique frequency of the emotion they came from (for example, anger and fear are two very distinct frequencies). If for any reason an animal doesn't fully process an emotion, this energy ball tuned to the frequency of that particular emotion, becomes lodged somewhere where it was never intended to be. These trapped emotions are negative, destructive vibrations and releasing them is vitally important because if left to fester they cause distortions and dis-ease in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. They can be behind anything from feelings of anxiety, depression, pain, chronic diseases, or even behavioural patterns (like fear based responses or aggressive reactions).

Trapped emotions are released using magnetic energy and intention.  Magnets are energy, your body is energy, as are your thoughts and intentions. One form of energy can have an effect on another, because of this the magnets can be used to act as an amplifier of the energy of thought and intention, enough to produce a change in the body. When I identify a trapped emotion with The Emotion Code, I simply intend to release it and use a magnet to amplify this intention and transmit it to the body. The Governing Meridian is an energy reservoir that connects directly to all the acupuncture meridians of the entire body, using the Governing Meridian as the entrance point for the amplified intention energy, this energy flows instantly throughout the body and as a result the trapped emotion is released. As when working with EFT, I act as a proxy during an Emotion Code session with your animal, the magnet is rolled down my Governing Meridian, and the healing intention and energy are sent to the animal's Governing Meridian

The Emotion Code works with the subconscious of the animal, it is the subconscious mind that knows exactly what emotions are trapped in the body and are causing certain symptoms or behaviour. And it’s the subconscious mind that gives me the information on what trapped emotions need to be released, and in what order, to help restore balance in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.
The subconscious mind is accessed during an Emotion Code session through muscle testing (aka applied kinesiology). Muscle testing is similar to a polygraph test in that both read electrical responses that flow through the body and show results that are read as a true or false answer. It is these yes or no answers that allow me to check with the subconscious exactly which emotions have become trapped in the animal's body.

Another way that trapped emotions can affect animals is by forming a heart-wall. A heart-wall is made up of trapped emotions that have surrounded the heart as a way to protect it, it is created by the subconscious mind of the animal when it feels that their heart needs protection from emotional pain or injury. A heart-wall is an important protective mechanism and can be absolutely necessary to help them survive certain traumas, such as neglect and abuse.


What are the benefits of The Emotion Code?

A single trapped emotion can cause both physical and emotional problems; the Emotion Code enables your animal to live a healthier, happier life by healing the issues noted below and many more. It is known to be effective for any physical or emotional disorder or for any challenging behaviours .

  • Health problems

  • Pain, discomfort, disturbance, disease

  • Anxious, aggressive or fearful behaviour

  • Aid in calming and reassuring rescued or rehomed animals

  • Hormonal and compulsive behavioural issues

  • Training problems

  • Relationship problems with humans and other animals

  • Past traumas, mistreatment, neglect, abuse

  • House soiling problem

What to expect

You will let me know what you would like me to work on before your animal's session, I will connect to your animal to find and release as many trapped emotions as possible that relate to your animal's issue. I muscle test to identify the trapped emotion using the chart of emotions. After identifying a trapped emotion I ask if there is anything else that needs to be discovered before releasing the emotion, if the answer was yes I check what more there is that needs to be known. If there is nothing else then I focus my attention to release that emotion, and then roll the magnet along the governing meridian and remove the trapped emotion, using the magnet to amplify my intention and guide the energy out of the body. I would then ask if the emotion was completely released and muscle test to get the answer. If it weren’t, I’d repeat the releasing intention and the rolling of the magnet; if it was, I would then move on to identifying and releasing another trapped emotion. At the end of the session, I will email you the emotions I was able to release and the information that came up during your animal's session.   
Working with The Emotion Code involves dealing with the animal's subconscious so it is them that dictates how the session progresses, as emotions can only be removed if the subconscious is ready to release them. While it is possible to identify and release as many as ten trapped emotions in a session, sometimes the body will only allow two or three emotions to be released at that time, this is no problem and I go at the speed that the animal needs. The body needs a few days to process trapped emotions after they are released, this process is normally mild and goes unnoticed, but occasionally some echoes of the emotions that were released are felt. Even then the effects are usually mild and only last for a day or two and are just a sign that the body is processing the emotion. After your animal has finished processing the released Trapped Emotions, they can then have another Emotion Code session and release additional Trapped Emotions.


Make the most of your session!

Identifying trapped emotions and releasing them can have particularly dramatic effects for animals because unlike humans, there is no placebo effect. Because of this, the results from a treatment with The Emotion Code can often be quick and profound.

Proxy testing is used when the subject is not physically near the practitioner or can not be tested themselves (as is the case with most animals). The muscle testing and the releasing of emotions are both carried out on the proxy. Using this system the imbalances that exist in the animal’s body can be identified and released, no matter how far apart the animal and myself may be.

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