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What is EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and was founded in the early 1990′s by Gary Craig, EFT is a meridian-based therapy that has roots in both Chinese acupressure techniques and Psychology. It involves tapping on the body's meridians while tuning into a specific issue to release blocked emotions, unlike massage or acupressure therapy which involves applying a certain amount of force to certain areas of the body, EFT uses a light tapping or touching technique.  Both animals and humans have a meridian system, but many of the points on the system are located in spots where pets don't like to be tapped.

What's amazing about animal EFT is that I can tap on myself to make positive changes in your pet. This technique is called proxy tapping, and I can do it from anywhere, which makes it a wonderful technique for working on wildlife, feral or nervous animals all over the world. Proxy tapping works on the premise that fundamentally we are all energetically  connected, the connection may not be visible, like an electric cord, but it is obviously there. What this means is, I focus my attention on your animal, as soon as I do my energy system connects with their energy system. It's the connection of the two energy systems that allows me to make changes in your pet or other animal without actually handling them. With the connection of the two energy systems established, when I tap on myself and change my system, I simultaneously change the animal's system through that connection, thereby helping release the emotional blockages that are causing your animal's issues.

The goal of tapping is to send healing energy pulses from the fingers and hands to the body's energy system, EFT also involves using intention and focus to direct healing energy to the problem being worked on.
EFT is an extremely powerful method to release negative emotions stored in the body. The main tenet of EFT is that every negative emotion is caused by a disruption in the electric system of the body. By addressing the disruption, emotional distress either vanishes or is greatly improved. Since numerous physical conditions are due to an accumulation of negative emotions, it is also possible to address physical ailments with EFT.


What are the benefits of EFT?

 EFT targets the root cause of health and behaviour challenges, it is a simple but powerful method for creating positive change in the lives of our animal friends on mental, emotional and physical levels . Listed below are just a few of the issues that can be treated with EFT.

  • Training problems

  • Health problems

  • Temperament problems

  • Relationship problems with humans and other animals

  • Attention seeking behaviours, repetitive behaviour disturbances

  • House training problems

  • Stress and nervousness

  • Fears, phobias

  • Aid in calming and reassuring rescued or re-homed animals

  • Sadness, depression, lack of joy in life

  • Pain, discomfort, disturbance, disease

  • Past traumas, mistreatment, mishandling, misuse

What to expect

Once you have decided on an EFT session for your animal and you have made your payment I will contact you via email to arrange a time for the session. I will need the animal's details (you can find out what is needed on the Rates and Payment page and a description of the problem that needs treating (a detailed description is required for EFT sessions). After identifying the underlying emotion that may be causing your animal's condition, I will perform surrogate EFT on their meridians. When I perform EFT on an animal I focus my attention on them, as soon as I do my energy system connects with their energy system. Once connected with them I focus my attention on whatever their issue/problem is, if it is large or deep-seated then I focus on one aspect of it at a time while tapping on myself and reciting a carefully chosen script that helps focus the energy on the root of the issue. I repeat this process for the duration of the session, changing the script where necessary to remove as many layers of the issue as possible. Once the session is finished I will contact you with the results and any observations I made, so we can discuss if further sessions are necessary .

Animals tend to be quite receptive to EFT, and often one session of EFT is all it takes to get results, with chronic conditions or more serious issues several sessions may be needed. An initial session is 1 hour with follow-up sessions being 30 minutes.


How many sessions will my animal need?

This depends of the severity and complexity of the issue being worked on. For example one animal's fear can be based on a singular event while another can be based on multiple events over a period of time, involving different causes.  Commonly, positive changes can be experienced fairly quickly after a few rounds of tapping. In other cases improvement depends on identifying the root cause of a problem, which may involve several sessions and a little detective work.

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